Interior Design Trends For Your Bathroom in 2019

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Bathroom? That’s so 2018.Haven’t you got the memo yet? It’s all about the spa room in your house, this year.

Transforming a bathroom into a hotel like spa experience is on trend for 2019 and it makes you feel as if you are luxuriating in a five star retreat, at home.

It also doesn’t have to be hard to upgrade your existing features to compete with that of a professional spa.

To achieve a little spa luxury from the comfort of your own home, check out some of our designer’s suggestions for 2019!

The features

First, a little think about what the main players in your bath, sorry spa room are.


The hand basin is often the first focal point in your bathroom – just beneath your mirror.

But, if you think about it, spas and hotels rarely play it like this. Somehow, features like the basin just seem to evolve organically from the backdrop.

Yours can too, if you add the right sort of touches, such as attractive taps or perhaps, placing the sink itself within a chic bathroom vanity unit, that blends in with the overall decor.


There’s no getting away from it. The bathroom is the place your loo lives – probably.

So what about housing it in an attractive double bathroom vanity unit? A bathroom vanity unit with toilet and basin combined can nullify the toilet’s presence from the space and make your eyes concentrate more greatly on the beauty and wonder of your water features.



The bathtub is undoubtedly the star of any spa and this signature piece needs careful thought.

If you are considering a change in the bath department, how about a corner bath or a free standing tub, to enhance the luxury rating of your bathroom?

Stylish and chic can come in all shapes and sizes these days, so don’t let the size of your bathroom limit your ambition.

Ultimately, you are looking for a bath which makes your bathroom look both bigger and more enticing, so check carefully that it not only fits in your space, but also fits in with it, too.

Shower space

This year, the trend is to move away from the more traditional separate shower unit and open the space out. This means taking a slightly different approach and possibly turning a corner of your bathroom into a mini wet room.

With the right accents this can be made to look beautiful and alluring, rather than simple or functional.


The materials you use are actually more important than the features themselves in many ways.


Wood immediately warms up any bath space, which is always a good thing. It also does it in a way which is clean and stylish.

Consider adding wooden panels to the bath, walls and other utilities. Wooden shelving enhances the appeal of any bathroom as can oak vanity units, sitting under the main hand basin.


Stone remains popular in the bath and spa room of 2019.

Create a clean, calm and permanent feel about your bath time, with stone accessories and fixtures.

Whether it is on the floor or the walls or something else, an element of stone really says ‘spa’ to us!


The other great must have in your all modern spa indulgence room is tile.

No longer must it shrink into the background. 2019 is all about statement tiles, so that means striking designs and eye catching shapes.

Remember to use these elements sparingly, though. The bathroom is somewhere you go to relax, not get a migraine!


As ever, the devil is in the detail when it comes to transforming your bathroom into a boutique spa.

Remember the little touches, such as beautiful baskets, soft fluffy towels and robes and toiletry miniatures.

Whenever possible, place a fresh bouquet of cut flowers in a statement vase to keep your spa room smelling exquisite.

These will immediately get your senses tingling, in anticipation of your next long soak!

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